Have you ever played a video game and thought "I could do better?"

Do you have the perfect game floating around in your head, but you don't know how to make your dream a reality? Welcome to learngamedev.com, a resource for people like you - People who are tired of being handed the same old FPS year after year and want to create something better. At learngamedev.com, we're dedicated to giving you all the resources you'll need to get that game out of your head and onto your screen.

Now more than ever, the tools are available for individuals or small development teams to create games that can reach HUGE audiences. Anybody can submit games to mobile app stores and reach millions of smartphone users. Microsoft has also announced that self-publishing will be available on the upcoming Xbox One console. This means that the opportunity has never been better for independent game developers to be able to get their games in front of a LOT of people! That's our goal here: Give you the tools and knowledge necessary to make your dream game a reality.


We're hard at work on our first product - an e-book entitled "Zero to Game Developer in 90 Days." Starting from the assumption that you've never programmed anything in your life, this book will walk you through EVERYTHING - from the basics of programming, all the way up to creating a game and publishing it to the web, your desktop, or your Android/iOS device.